The Girl with the Ruby Ring by Sophie King

Two young women, two dark secrets. A century divides them, a ring unites them …

The international bestseller, set in Devon in Victorian times and the present day.

Present day. After a whirlwind romance, Laura Marchmont marries the charming Charles Haywood. Leaving her old life behind, she struggles to fit into Charles’s world, and to be accepted by his young daughters. Laura also hides a terrible secret from her new husband, which casts a shadow over her life. Then, she discovers the story of a young girl who lived more than a century before. Laura is compelled to uncover the fate of Mary Rose

1886. When Mary Rose Marchmont’s widowed father remarries it signals the end of her childhood. A series of tragic events leads Mary Rose to be accused of a shocking crime, after which her life will never be the same again …

A moving family story of history, romance and secrets. Published in mainland Europe as The Ruby Ring.

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