Red Haze on the Horizon by Gwen Parrott

Della Arthur’s investigations into the death of an elderly lady lead her into a dark web where nothing is as it first appears.

September 1947. Della is on sick leave, recovering from the injuries of her last investigation. A friend, George Williams, asks an unusual favour regarding the death of his great-aunt at a seaside hotel. Della soon finds herself staying at the exclusive Excelsior, in Abergorwel. But she is not there as any ordinary guest.

A series of events suggests something sinister beneath the hotel’s genteel veneer. A chamber maid mysteriously disappears. Della realises that the great-aunt might not have died a natural death. Then she and a fellow guest make the horrific discovery of a mutilated body on a remote beach. Della begins to suspect that her friend has not told her the whole truth.

Her problem is who to trust – because not everyone at the Excelsior is what they seem to be. The acerbic presence of Chief Inspector Gwyn Reynolds is yet another obstacle to overcome, and no protection when she finds herself targeted and her life in imminent danger.

A gripping read as Della faces her most gruesome and disturbing investigation yet.

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Red Haze on the Horizon by Gwen Parrott (Amazon US)

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