Your Place or Mine by Sophie King

Your Place or Mine by Sophie KingFrom the bestselling author of The School Run, Your Place or Mine? (previously published as The Supper Club) introduces us to a cast of characters experiencing the ups and downs of families, friendship and love.

An Amazon Top 10 Romantic Comedy!

A group of friends and family meet at each other’s houses every month to catch up over supper. There will be tears, laughter and more than a few surprises along the way.

Lucy is making a life for herself with Mike, after the death of her husband. But she’s hiding the truth behind Luke’s death. And is Mike being completely honest with her about himself?

Lucy’s sister Jenny is a single career woman juggling disasters in both her work and love life. What will it take to stop her going from one mishap to another?

Chrissie and Martin have discovered that a new baby can put a strain on your marriage. But that’s not all that risks pushing them further apart.

Maggie‘s husband Antony has left her for a former fashion model, Patsy. But Patsy’s life isn’t as glamorous as it appears. The secrets from her past are threatening to catch up with her.

Your Place or Mine? When family and friends dine together, secrets and lies are on the menu.

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