The Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin

The Property of a Gentleman by Catherine GaskinA poignant and thrilling tale of intrigue, mystery and romance, set in the dramatic landscape of England’s Lake District. An international bestseller.

Praise for Catherine Gaskin:

‘Miss Gaskin is supremely entertaining …’ The Sunday Express

‘Beautifully evokes the English Lake District …’ The Times

‘… Miss Gaskin is a born storyteller.’ The Sunday Mirror

Shortly after her mother’s death in a Swiss plane crash, Jo Roswell is sent from the London auction house where she works to the remote and mysterious Thirlbeck – stately home of the Earl of Askew. Jo’s task is to evaluate the house’s contents for a sale, but she soon finds herself drawn into the complex lives of Thirlbeck’s past and present inhabitants, each with their own secrets and desires.

Robert Birkett, the Earl of Askew, has returned to Thirlbeck after many years abroad. A decorated war hero, he has also spent time in prison after a fatal car accident for which he was blamed. Carlota, the Spanish Condesa, is the Earl’s sophisticated yet possessive companion.

Meanwhile, Nat Birkett, a distant cousin of the earl, is the reluctant heir to Thirlbeck. A local farmer, his passion is for the land rather than titles and possessions. Following his wife’s mysterious demise at Thirlbeck, he is also the single father of two young boys.

George Tolson is Thirlbeck’s brooding keeper, who jealously guards the property from unwelcome strangers. By Tolson’s side is Jessica, his intelligent but fragile granddaughter, who must be protected from herself.

During her stay, Jo is absorbed by the tragic story of The Spanish Lady, whose young life was cut short at Thirlbeck many centuries before. She also encounters La Española, the brilliant diamond which, according to legend, brings disaster to all who try to possess it. And she is shocked to learn of her own mother’s connection to Thirlbeck.

Jo is caught in a dangerous web of secrets and lies as she unlocks the puzzles which link Thirlbeck’s past and present residents.

“The Queen of Storytellers” Catherine Gaskin has sold more than 40 million books worldwide.

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About Catherine Gaskin
Born in Ireland and raised in Australia, Catherine Gaskin studied music at the conservatorium in Sydney, before becoming a bestselling author at the age of just seventeen. After moving to London she met her future husband, a US TV executive, on a blind date. The couple lived in Manhattan for ten years, before moving to the Virgin Islands, followed by Ireland, and then the Isle of Man. After her husband’s death, Catherine returned to Australia where she spent the rest of her life.

During her lifetime Catherine Gaskin’s books sold over 40 million copies worldwide, and she was known as “The Queen of Storytellers” and “The Girl with the Golden Pen.”