Summer is coming

Her Australian Summer by Jean McConnellSummer is coming, so why not get into the spirit with a lovely feel good holiday romance novella? Her Australian Summer is perfect for reading in one or two delicious sittings; a nice, easy read with likeable characters, to get you into the holiday mood.

When Laura inherits her Uncle Jim’s seaside shop in Queensland, which sells coral and shells, she decides to spend her summer visiting Australia to see it for herself.

Arriving in the small town of Port Duncan she meets handsome farmer Nat, and charming property agent Kyle. As Laura gets to know the two men, she realises her stay in Australia might not be so simple as she’d first imagined.

Will Laura’s Australian holiday bring real romance? And what secrets might the seemingly friendly people she gets to know be hiding from her? Only one thing is for certain, Laura’s trip to the other side of the world is one she’ll never forget.

A summer holiday novella of 17,000 words.

From the author of the bestselling The Country Doctor.

Her Australian Summer by Jean McConnell (Amazon UK)

Her Australian Summer by Jean McConnell (Amazon US)

Her Australian Summer by Jean McConnell (Amazon AUS)