Private Gollantz by Naomi Jacob

Private Gollantz by Naomi JacobPrivate Gollantz is the fifth book in the classic Gollantz Saga, following the lives and loves of the Gollantz family over several generations.

Italy is in the grip of Fascism, and Emmanuel realises it is no longer safe for him and his son, Simeon, to remain there. Back in London there are threats of another kind, as Emmanuel’s brother, Julian, once again schemes to ruin his reputation. Emmanuel meets two very different women, Cynthia Crawley and Vivian Mallet. Can he lay the ghost of his dear Juliet to rest, and find love again? But it is the advent of the Second World War which brings Emmanuel his biggest challenge yet.

A moving story of families and friends struggling to come to terms with a world at war.

The Gollantz family saga is perfect for fans of The Forsyte Saga and Downton Abbey.

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