New Neighbours novelisation The Perfect Proposal!

The Perfect Proposal is the first in a brand new series of novels based on iconic characters and stories from the international hit TV series Neighbours. The Perfect Proposal by Sophie King tells the story of a young Paul Robinson and his rocky relationship with Gail Lewis. There are other much-loved characters too, like Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, and Scott and Charlene.

Want to have your name appear in Sophie’s Neighbours novel? Here’s how! Sophie will dedicate The Perfect Proposal to one lucky Neighbours fan – it could be your name on the dedication page of this new Neighbours novelisation! Just send an email to before midnight BST on Saturday April 21st telling Sophie in no more than three sentences why you would like the book dedicated to you. She’ll pick her favourite answer and dedicate the book to that fan. (Your details won’t be shared with anyone else, and after the deadline date we’ll delete all emails and contact details).

And there’s more …

You can pre-order the ebook of The Perfect Proposal by Sophie King now from Amazon for the special launch price of just 99p. The book will be delivered to your device on Monday 30th April. See below for news about the paperback of the book.

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If you live outside the UK, Australia or US, please go to your local Amazon website and search for The Perfect Proposal by Sophie King.

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