Medical Romance

Romance and drama in medical settings from the 1940s to the 1960s by popular author Sheila Burns.

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1963. Could romance and danger await Nurse Lorna Vane when she takes up a private nursing job in Cornwall?

A medical romance from the 1960s. Romance and drama from the author of the popular Doctors and Nurses box set.

When Lorna learns that Dr Michael Bland, the ‘Heartbreak Surgeon’, is to marry another woman, she decides to leave St Botolph’s Hospital. Instead, she travels to Cornwall, as private nurse to a rich widow, Mrs Liskeard.

Lorna also wants to escape the memory of one terrifying night when she offered a lift to an unknown young man. Arriving in Cornwall, could it be that she and Mrs Liskeard’s pleasant nephew Roger have met before? Or is Lorna’s imagination still disturbed by her ordeal? And will a surprise newspaper announcement change how she feels about the Heartbreak Surgeon?

Three medical romances from the 1960s in one box set. Romance and drama in medical settings.

Doctor Called David – Can Valerie escape her past, or is history destined to repeat itself?

1966. After nurse Valerie Scott is found innocent of a terrible crime and released from jail, she turns to prison doctor David Graves for support. The offer of a new position as a private nurse to a kind and elderly couple seems the ideal chance to rebuild her life. But are the Goddards and their adopted son Gregory all that they seem? And can a doctor called David protect Valerie from a cruel twist of fate?

Dr Irresistible M.D. – Sharon wins a beauty competition but can she win a handsome stranger’s heart?

1962. Sharon’s life takes an unexpected turn when she wins a beauty competition. Then she crashes the prize car of her dreams, and is rescued by a mysterious, good-looking man. He is Glynn Rodwell – Dr Irresistible. The chance of a Mediterranean cruise offers Sharon excitement and opportunity – but if she takes it, will she ever see Dr Irresistible again?

The Eyes of Doctor Karl – Will Cherrie discover the truth behind the hypnotic eyes of a handsome doctor?

1962. While sitting in a traffic jam, Cherrie locks eyes with a dark and handsome man. That evening she reads about the strange case of Dr Karl Heineman whose patients have died in mysterious circumstances. Cherrie accompanies a newspaper reporter friend who is investigating the story. When they call on the doctor, she is surprised to find he is the man whose eyes she hasn’t been able to forget. As Cherrie is drawn closer into his world, will she discover the truth, and love, behind the eyes of Dr Karl?

Doctors and Nurses 3-in-1 box set by Sheila Burns from Amazon UK

Doctors and Nurses 3-in-1 box set by Sheila Burns from

Doctors and Nurses 3-in-1 box set by Sheila Burns from Amazon AUS