Hush Hush by Gabrielle Mullarkey

Hush Hush by Gabrielle MullarkeyCan a holiday romance really be forever?

“A gentle, funny romance.” – Sarah Caden, Sunday Independent

After losing her husband, Angela is reluctant to dip a toe back into the dating game. Then her bossy but well-meaning mum and her best friend gently nudge Angela back to life. They persuade her to find a new job and even try a solo holiday – which ends with a luggage mix-up and an encounter with a rugged Irishman called Conor.

Back home, Angela decides to take her new romance slowly, particularly as Conor’s (non-holiday) baggage includes the original ‘child from hell’ and an unpredictable ex-wife. Can Angela and Connor both put their pasts behind them and find their happy ever after?

“A witty and irreverent insight into the nitty gritty of life.” – Helen Murray, The Irish News

Praise for Gabrielle Mullarkey:

“Readers love Gabrielle’s fiction for its range – whether atmospheric mood pieces or contemporary slices of life, all revolve around imaginatively twisty plots packed with sassy dialogue, characters you feel you know and ‘I didn’t see that coming!’ moments.”

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