Heart of Fire by Maxine Barry

He’ll do anything to get the one thing he wants. She’ll do anything to stop him.

Romance, mystery and adventure from the bestselling author Faith Martin, writing as Maxine Barry.

Charis Scott, Hawaiian princess, and owner of the Princess Mina cosmetics line, is fiercely protective of her family and business. When self-made multimillionaire Jago Marsh arrives in Hawaii with a score to settle, he discovers she is more than a match for him.

Despite their instant and mutual attraction, the pair are soon at war. Feelings intensify when Charis accuses Jago of stealing a priceless family heirloom – the Heart of Fire. Then, as the action and passion heat up, the island’s volcano threatens to change their lives forever.

Praise for Maxine Barry:

‘Thrills, spills and a page-turner of a romantic mystery.’ Mandy Baggot

Heart of Fire by Maxine Barry (Amazon UK)

Heart of Fire by Maxine Barry (Amazon US)

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