Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret? by Sue Shepherd

Doesn't Everyone Have a Secret by Sue ShepherdThe Top Ten bestseller on Amazon UK. No.1 in Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance and Humorous Fiction charts!

Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret? is a romantic comedy about three very different people, each with a secret, whose lives collide in unexpected ways.

Steph is a harassed mum who’s considering an affair with her children’s sexy headmaster. Penny is trying to deal with a crush on her boss, OCD and a sad secret from her childhood. And Mike is a vicar who is being blackmailed for his secret, although it’s not all that it seems!

Meanwhile, all three are being watched over by their own guardian angels, who try to push them in the right direction and help move their lives along – but not always successfully …

Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret? is genuinely laugh out loud funny, but also deals in a sensitive way with serious problems that any of us could face in life. Sue Shepherd’s debut novel is bold, it doesn’t pull any punches, and it has bucket loads of heart.

From Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret?:

How many times have you begun watching a film and, to your immense irritation, spent the first fifteen minutes or so wondering what TV programme you’ve seen the handsome extra in? What a relief when the information you were groping for pops into your head and allows you to concentrate and enjoy the rest of the film in peace.

Have you ever wondered why you occasionally check twice when pulling out of a road, only to spot a previously unseen vehicle on that second viewing?

Maybe you’ve settled down to an episode of Come Dine With Me accompanied by a lovely cup of tea and a cream slice. But, as you take that first delicious bite you propel yourself from the sofa, shouting, ‘Bugger it,’ because you’ve just remembered your precious first born son is waiting in the rain to be collected from football practice.

It may be a voice gently whispering in your ear, an errand remembered in the nick of time or a subtle tap on the shoulder which alerts you to danger, these imperceptible events happen to each of us every day. We never query them or stop to speculate what’s behind these small moments.

But what if that tiny nagging voice in your head, the voice that’s almost inaudible but can change everything … what if that voice is not your voice at all?

Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret by Sue Shepherd (Amazon UK)

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