To Die For by Carol Lee

To Die For by Carol Lee‘Heartbreaking but fascinating.’ HEAT

‘A moving account of one woman’s struggle with anorexia.’ THE INDEPENDENT

The compelling real life story of a young woman, Emma’s, struggle with anorexia and bulimia, author Carol Lee’s gripping account tells of her attempts to help Emma confront her illness and come to terms with its origins. Interwoven with Carol’s words, Emma’s diary entries reveal the anger and hurt beneath her fragile surface and show how the power of trust helps bring her back to life.

Carol Lee writes:

‘This is the story of my god-daughter, Emma’s, battle with anorexia and bulimia which began a few weeks after her fifteenth birthday and which lasted at its fiercest for around five years.

Over this span, in the acute part of her illness, Emma’s weight went from just over five and a half to almost fourteen stone three times, in three long loops. But an invisible see-saw was swinging inside her from long before.’

The Sunday Times bestseller, formerly serialised in the Mail on Sunday.

More praise for To Die For:

‘Fascinating … Anorexia is one of the most perplexing and misunderstood illnesses around.’ BELLA

‘A painfully honest chronicle of the effects of anorexia on both the sufferer and those closest to her.’ SCOTTISH DAILY RECORD

‘A disturbing and important book written with tough compassion.’ MAUREEN DUFFY

‘The secret of the book’s success is Carol’s clear-eyed, straight-talking honesty.’ HAMSTEAD AND HIGHGATE EXPRESS

‘… moving account of the author’s relationship with her god-daughter Emma, and her long and terrifying battle with anorexia.’ 69 MAGAZINE

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