City Hospital Book 8 X-Ray

Five young medics experience drama, romance and humour on the wards of a busy teaching hospital.

The eighth book in the gripping City Hospital series.

Gordy goes all out to impress Gilbert Buchanan‘s secretary, Kirsty. Things start to go wrong when the pair come under attack at an animal right’s demo, and Gordy finds himself involved in a dangerous plot.

Bella‘s latest crush is on Dr Carl Mullen – who saves the day when a young boy is involved in a car accident. But as they grow closer, Bella begins to suspect that Carl is hiding something from her.

Mark meets a pretty New Age traveller who is expecting her first child. While Jasmine seems a lot of fun, Mark gets drawn into a drama he could never have predicted.

X-rays are mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing in the radiology department. At first, Suzie is sure Hayley isn’t to blame. Then a chance discovery leads her to doubt her friend’s innocence.

Karlene tries to play matchmaker when Hayley and Zack‘s relationship comes under strain. But as time goes on, she realises she doesn’t know the full story behind their split.

The City Hospital series is perfect for fans of medical dramas like Casualty, Holby City and Doctors.

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