A Doctor’s Life by Dr Robert Clifford

A Doctors Life by Dr Robert CliffordThe Top 5 Bestseller

A heartwarming, nostalgic look at life for a doctor in the 1940s and 1950s, perfect for fans of Call The Midwife and classics such as Dr Finaly’s Casebook and the Richard Gordon Doctor series.

This charming and amusing story follows young doctor Bob Ramsden from his training at a busy 1940s London teaching hospital to life in general practice as a Somerset GP in the 1950s. It is also the tale of his love for the beautiful, clever Priscilla, the medical colleague he falls for at first sight, despite feeling sure that she is out of his league.

At medical school, Dr Bob soon discovers that both laughter and tears are to be found on a hospital ward. During his medical career, he meets patients who can be brave, funny or a challenge. His fellow doctors provide moments of entertainment, as well as support. There are many tales of happiness and heartache in this nostalgic look at a doctor’s life in post-war Britain.

A Doctor’s Life is a poignant, feel-good account of a doctor’s love for his profession and his patients, as well as his devotion to the woman who is the love of his life.

Includes a bonus short story – The Bevin Boy. Bob spends time as a Bevin Boy, working in a Yorkshire coal mine. There he enjoys the camaraderie of his fellow miners, but also experiences great tragedy.

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