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Chasing Shadows by J Carmen SmithChasing Shadows by J Carmen Smith

The Number 1 Biographical Fiction bestseller

Part family saga, part memoir, this compelling book tells the true story of Micaela, a Spanish immigrant to Liverpool at the turn of the last century.

It is also the story of her granddaughter’s search, one hundred years later, for her own lost heritage and the truth about Micaela’s early life.

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The Country Doctor by Jean McConnellThe Country Doctor by Jean McConnell

No.1 in Amazon’s medical fiction chart

“Captivating tales from a young GP’s case notes”

Young doctor Linda Ford swaps a busy London teaching hospital for a six month post at a small West Country General Practice. She soon discovers that countryside life is far from uneventful. John Cooper, the senior doctor, warns Linda not to get emotionally involved in her cases. But Linda can’t help taking a personal interest in her patients, particularly when their problems seem to be more than medical. And as this is the late 1970s, Linda also faces some misgivings about a female doctor.

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Home Comforts by Ali ChrispHome Comforts by Ali Chrisp

Jo Longford’s life takes an unexpected turn when her bosses wrongly accuse her of stealing from a client. Suddenly, she needs to find a new job and a new home for herself and ten-year-old son, Tom. Not to mention their small menagerie of badly behaved pets.

Her selfish mum isn’t much help; obsessed with keeping up appearances, nothing her daughter does is ever good enough for her. But at least Jo can rely on best friend Val for support. They’ve been getting themselves into mischief since they were teenagers, and that includes joining a cringeworthy dating agency and an eventful school reunion. Some things never change!

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Summer of the Spanish Woman by Catherine GaskinThe Summer of the Spanish Woman by Catherine Gaskin

The dramatic blockbuster that takes you from the windy shores of Ireland to the sun-baked earth of Spain; this is a gripping story of family pride, forbidden love, secrets and lies. Beginning at the turn of the last century and spanning the First World War and the Spanish Civil War, The Summer of the Spanish Woman is another spellbinding page-turner from the pen of the bestselling author of The Property of a Gentleman and Sara Dane.

When her grandfather dies without leaving a male heir, Charlotte Drummond and her mother are forced to leave their family home, Clonmara. A distant cousin, Richard Selwin, inherits her grandfather’s estate and the title of Lord Blodmore. He also claims Charlotte’s heart, but a cruel twist of fate prevents them from being together.

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Home from Home by Cath ColeHome from Home by Cath Cole

Two times No.1 bestseller in Medical Fiction chart on Amazon UK

The lives of Theresa, Maggie, Jenny, Sarah and Chris are about to change forever as they start their nurse training at The School of Nursing at Farnton General.

They soon realise that they have much to learn about life, both on and off the hospital wards. A strong bond is formed as the young women face the challenges presented by families, boyfriends and their nursing responsibilities.

Friendships are tested as the young nurses experience the joys and heartbreaks of growing up. But for each of them, for different reasons, the hospital will become a home from home.

A touching, bold and, at times, amusing account of the lives and loves of five trainee nurses in the 1960s.

A Kindle Monthly Deal in Australia – just 99c

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